In a passing conversation about SEO, you might talk about how many clicks a specific piece generates,” said Breanne Millette, CEO of Bisoulovely. “But the real number you should be concerned about is the number of backlinks.”

To cut to the chase, backlinking happens when another outlet links your SEO work within their work. Hopefully, this is a symbiotic relationship as that’s where companies and their SEO efforts thrive. But this does not take place without some heavy lifting on your end.

“If you want your SEO content to take off, Å»ywiec  you have to build relationships with other companies,” said Lionel Mora, CEO of Neoplants. “You could be missing huge opportunities without sharing and linking relevant information as a product of this relationship.”

Breaking the rules of SEO

Years ago, the internet was far more similar to the Wild West than it is today. Governing bodies which had the ability to enforce fair and honest business practices were just a pipe dream. Website hosting was difficult to say the least and advertising may as well have been non-existent. From top to bottom, it was a different world – one free of rules. And that may be the most noteworthy thing to remember going forward.

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